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Room-management simplified.

If you manage rooms or facilities, use RoomFlag.

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    Register an account

    Create your organization, status-labels, and add your resources such as rooms.

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    Set a device in each room

    Securely mount any mobile device inside each room. Or, let your staff connect with their own devices.

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    RoomFlag keeps everyone on the same page. Your team can do their best work and you can maximize your time.

The missing clinical app

Coordinating your staff and keeping up-to-date with what's going on in your facilities is a never-ending burden.

RoomFlag makes your facilities run smoothly. It's the one system where everyone can keep track of the real-time status of rooms & other resources plus communicate useful information. RoomFlag can also analyze how your resources are being used and serve you key information to help inform your business decisions and maximize your time.

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Improve your trends

Track everything with Millisecond precision

RoomFlag keeps historical records of every status-change with millisecond precision. This allows for Big Data Analytics of millions of data-points to reveal key insights.

Leveraging your data to feed back into how you use other features such as Alerts, RoomFlag can help reduce wait-times, preparation-times, and increase overall efficiency of your facilities.


Success stories

Brazils Waxing Center

RoomFlag keeps Brazils Waxing Center operating efficiently. Managers use RoomFlag's metrics to make informed decisions. Brazils handles more clients per day with RoomFlag.

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