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What is RoomFlag?

RoomFlag is a cloud-service that tracks the statuses of resources such as rooms. It's like those color-coded "Room Flags" you find in clinics, but digital. RoomFlag makes a difference by leveraging technology to improve real-time resource-tracking.

What does it do?

RoomFlag makes it easy for facilities to track the statuses of their resources. It can be used to track which resources are available, in-use, dirty, etc. Owners of multiple facilities can track all of their facilities with RoomFlag. RoomFlag keeps a history of all activity. This provides accountability and enables Big Data Analysis to uncover critical trends.

Who uses RoomFlag?

Facilities such as clinics use RoomFlag to know which rooms are available, in use, dirty, or in any other customizable states.

RoomFlag has been used to track over 200,000 events in facilities in multiple cities in the U.S.

Can I use RoomFlag?

Yes! Just sign up for an invitation. RoomFlag has tracked over 200,000 events in multiple facilities.

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Which devices can I use?

RoomFlag works with any device that can reach the internet. So computers, tablets, and smartphones are fair game.

For a cost-effective solution, we recommend using entry-level Amazon Fire tablets. They're more than capable of running RoomFlag.

Can my staff use their own Devices?

Yes. Your team members can use their own smartphones. Just give them the "staff" login. However in certain industries, such as waxing, clients may be unsettled when staff use smart-phones on the job. Mounting devices on walls or tables keeps RoomFlag always in view and just one touch away.

Can I customize it?

Yes. Name your Statuses and Resources as you wish. For each Status, use any Color. Set up as many Statuses as you need. Set up custom Alerts that go off when timers are exceeded. Create 2-way Requests that can be sent from devices to the facility's HQ. Track any resources that can have different states. One facility even uses it to track their private parking spots.

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