Facilities management, simplified.

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  • Easy to Use

    Accessible from anywhere with any computer or device. Big buttons and solid colors are easy for newcomers to pick up and use.
  • Fully Customizable

    Make your own Status Labels. Use your own Colors. Set up custom event Alerts. Add multiple locations.

  • Scales with You

    Plan to expand? No problem. Add more locations whenever. Track them all from one place.

Keep your team on track

Tighten up the slack with RoomFlag.

Let the receptionist see what's happening in every room on one screen. With customizable color-coded status labels, your team can know which rooms are vacant, in use, dirty, or in other states without having to go to each room first. Your team can even receive alerts when something needs attention.

This means no more receptionists leaving clients alone at the lobby. Or unoccupied rooms left dirty. Or staff invading the privacy of room-occupants.


Satisfy clients

Put room-tracking on autopilot

Let RoomFlag keep track of your rooms so that your team can spend more time focusing on your clients.

With RoomFlag your team can greet customers with a confident smile.

Touch & go

It doesn't get any simpler

It only takes a single touch to update a status. Spend less time coordinating with the coworkers and more time focusing on the clients.

When the status is updated on one device, RoomFlag instantly updates that resource's status on every other device. Everything is in sync.


Have it your way.

Make RoomFlag work the way your facility works. Assign colors that make sense for your operation. Set up as many Statuses as you need. Name your Statuses and Resources as you wish.   


Set standards

Keep things in order

Don't lose business due to a slow turnaround. Set up a system that works for your team. Set your own Status Labels. Choose your own Colors. Set up custom Event‑Alerts to be sent to your staff. Add multiple locations. Track rooms. Track equipment. Track whatever makes sense.

Increase efficiency

Expose critical bottlenecks

RoomFlag keeps historical records of every status-change with millisecond precision. This allows for Big Data Analysis of millions of data-points to reveal key insights.

Communicate at distance

Connect your team digitally.

Need to notify the cleaning staff to re-stock a room? Clients want to add additional services that they didn't schedule for? Don't want your team to leave someone in a room by themselves?

You can customize one-touch messages that your location's users can send to your location's HQ. From the HQ, users can send back simple yes-or-no responses.


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